Both Doctor and Patient Actively Engaged
Stem Cell + Anti-Aging Therapy

AYA Program

AYA Program
maximizes efficacy of stem cell therapy

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Why AG Clinic?

Personalized Integrated Anti-Aging Program
with Accurate Tests

Anti-Aging Therapy

Hormone Balancing Therapy
Antioxidant Therapy
Intravenous Nutritional Therapy(IVNT)
Immune Modulation Therapy

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21 Years’ Experience of
Anti-Aging Therapy to Over 4,000 Patients

Integrated Anti-Aging Therapy Combined with Stem Cell

Anti-Aging and Stem Cell Therapy Expert with Over 21 years of Experience

Yongwook Kwon, M.D./Ph.D.

Seoul National University M.D./Ph.D.
1st President of Korea Association of Anti-Aging Medicine
Adviser-Auditor at The Korean Association of Stem-cell & Tissue Regeneration
Partnership with MEDIPOST Stem Cell Research Center
Applied Pharmicell’s Hearticellgram to Anti-Aging Therapy
21 Years’ Experience of Anti-Aging Therapy to Over 4,000 Patients

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Hormone Balancing Therapy

Supplying good hormones and
reducing bad hormones,
it improves physical
function and maintains youth.

Antioxidant Therapy

With use of a variety of antioxidants,
it protects the body from harmful free
radicals which are one
of the causes of aging.

Intravenous Nutritional Therapy(IVNT)

The IV fluids of various antioxidants and
nutrients remove
harmful free radicals and
supply lacking nutrients.

Immune Modulation Therapy

It reduces risks for
cancers or their recurrence and virus infection,
and enhances
vaccine efficacy.

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